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My Favorite Things

Every month, I want to tell you guys all about the things I'm *obsessed* with lately - podcasts, books, TV shows, music, brands, appliances, activities...everything!

1. Daring Greatly and Unlocking Us - Brené Brown

I had picked up Daring Greatly a couple of weeks before COVID-19 (from here on referred to as BC). And W O W. This is not a book to pick up if you aren't ready to feel, process, analyze, accept, and then get brave AF. I was on the Brené Train big time (BC). Then, the "stay at home" order was given for Michiganders. S*** got real, and fast. My heart hurt, for myself and for my countless friends who were out of work. I can only think of it as divine providence that Brené Brown's podcast came out right as this proverbial s*** was hitting the fan. This podcast set the tone for me for quarantine. It allowed me to let go of the "survivor's guilt" I was experiencing for being one of the lucky ones who was still working, which then allowed me to begin accepting this insane, new reality and begin healing. Thank God for Brené Brown.

2. Jonna Jinton Heading into this "at home" season of life, I rediscovered my love for all things nature and being outside. I found Jonna Jinton a few years ago, with her famous kulning video. Living in Michigan, the winters are LONG and COLD. Yep. That's the reality. We've had snow since October, and it's currently April, do the math. For years, I felt that it was practically taboo to admit that I LOVE the winter. Living in Michigan is a constant adventure - every season is so beautiful in its own way (and you can pretty much expect to have any kind of weather, no matter the season! Snow in June? 80 degrees and sunny in November? Don't test Michigan...she will defeat you.) As the winter began, I started to read about Hygge, Nordic lifestyles, and how, apparently, the folks who live in these colder climates are some of the happiest in the world. I could not believe it was possible! All I've heard my entire life is whining about the cold. And no offense, but it gets TIRING to be miserable for six months of the year. Then, I found Jonna's videos and social media content. She lives in northern, rural Sweden, and she beautifully captures her life through videos, pictures, music, paintings, and so much more. I found myself pulling up her Vlogs from YouTube to watch on my TV - watching on a tiny phone screen just does not do it justice. Her historic farm house, set among the trees, lit up by the Northern Lights was just the escape my heart had been craving. Aside from that, Jonna is a calm, strong, fun person, and the way she sees life is encouraging, especially in the winter. If you're feeling trapped in your apartment, her content, full of the forest, the northern lights, and her minimalistic rural lifestyle will help you get your mind into a completely new world.


We got this for our wedding, and it has been SO GREAT. I always loved cooking meals with my crock pot, but sometimes, if I forgot to put my food into the crock pot right at 8am, then the whole meal would be scrapped. With the Instapot, I am able to put a combination of stuff in there (EVEN FROZEN ITEMS), and let it do its thing, with food ready fairly quickly. Plus, it makes the best hard boiled eggs, which have also been helpful for me on the mornings when I, frankly, don't even want to get out of bed.

4. Bully Juice

Thank GOODNESS for Bully Juice. All I did was type in "no weight workouts" on YouTube, and Bully Juice was the first thing to pop up. The workout I did was 20 minutes, a manageable amount of time, and the workouts were NICELY paced. Some of these other workouts I've done are a little much - I like the flexibility that this workout allows, the pacing, the music, and the timing. Paired with a nice walk outside, this is the perfect amount of exercise for me while at home!

5. Halti

I have two Labrador retrievers, and, as you can imagine, they are STRONG. Walking them was a chore - they were really the ones walking me! Now, I am able to walk my dogs calmly, and it's an experience we all enjoy. I like this product because it doesn't hurt my dogs - it just helps me to get their attention when they start pulling on me. Hopefully, I will done day be able to walk my dogs without this on them - until then, we are still able to have walks without frustration.

6. Little Fires Everywhere and Dave

Both on Hulu, and they couldn't be more different. I am loving these shows, each for completely different reasons, and possibly even because of each other.

Little Fires Everywhere. I knew it was going to be good. Reese Witherspoon has been on a roll lately, honing in on a market of strong, complex leading women. This story is not what you'd expect, with twists and turns all along the way, and an in-depth look at both of the main characters. Plus, it's set in the 90's, which really ramps up the nostalgic feels. However, it is INTENSE. Lots of drama, and it shines a light on the social ideals of the 90's, which can be really problematic and triggering. Which brings me to why I love Dave.

Back in college, Lil' Dicky was a blip on my radar. I wasn't sure if we'd see anything more than this guy other than his hilarious YouTube videos - which is not to say I didn't want to. His songs were hilarious, but you could also tell that he had a lot of talent. It was something that, even if he didn't have funny lyrics, I would want to listen to. So, when an ad popped up while I was watching Hulu for Dave, I was immediately intrigued. It is quirky, funny, and a nice step away from my penchant for drama.

7. Alternative Chill playlist by Owen Stecca on Spotify

My friend Jenna recommended this to me and it has been SO nice. We finally managed to have one nice day on a weekend here in Michigan, which gave my husband and I time to start our fire pit (right now, it's just the fire ring - I'll probably talk more about my progress with this as time goes on). There were some new jams on there that I'd never heard, paired with some oldies-but-goodies that I hadn't heard since high school. This playlist is a perfect balance of nostalgia and exploration.

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